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Worked example: Evaluating functions from graph

Evaluating a function at x=-1 using the graph of that function. Created by Sal Khan.

Video transcript

so I remember sameach function FXa just cook graph key again hum a mile is graph game and it's a function key value X is equal to minus one by one broke up or a graph that is only defined a racket valid input a gareko be validated puto scaly a function key value UK y axis / boniva cal go to f of minus 1 KO got the magic number X key value johar per- 10 give a hopper vaya x x coordinate key value yoga the ex- van a mere paas JY Mary pass has 6 / making ugh F of negative 1 barber hoga 6k yoga F of negative 1 is equal to 6 masculine niches are a barrack ability now F of negative 1 is equal to 6 yahi hamara javabe