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Factoring by common factor review

The expression 6m+15 can be factored into 3(2m+5) using the distributive property. More complex expressions like 44k^5-66k^4 can be factored in much the same way. This article provides a couple of examples and gives you a chance to try it yourself.

Example 1

Both terms share a common factor of 3, so we factor out the 3 using the distributive property:
Want a more in-depth explanation? Check out this video.

Example 2

Factor out the greatest common monomial.
The coefficients are 44,66, and 77, and their greatest common factor is 11.
The variables are k5,k4, and k3, and their greatest common factor is k3.
Therefore, the greatest common monomial factor is 11k3.
Factoring, we get:
Want another example like this one? Check out this video.


Factor the polynomial below by its greatest common monomial factor.

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