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Squaring a binomial (old)

An old video where Sal expands and simplifies (7x+10)². Created by Sal Khan and Monterey Institute for Technology and Education.

Video transcript

hun says 7x plus 10 whole square / simplify Carnegie lekar jaa raha aur agar obvious 09 kiske javab 7 x square plus 10 square hona chahiye towable culo solid so turning evil cool select Java by yeah Drake is 7x plus 10 is square indica 7x plus 10 whole square come matlabi egg up 7x plus 10 co 7x plus 10 he say and his co opening up say up x ray are you kk 7x plus 10 co-opted tomor taba multiply k apni up say yeah Drake eager eager yes turn acela Cavazos comic la verga cienega 7x times 10 chi-square lady a year 27 x square x 10 square k bar abajo de hey skipper auburn enomoto at salope job squaring binomials 680 I'm topper Isco 7x plus 10 k square corset mix cadela huzzah yes a lot ms convert a video on a Bulava a little confused nahu to abu the above kasam nessa Colby expression 7x + 10 dias aho to up kuya bot yaad rakhna hai kidhar a cell how may I see bracket me see by animal co-op was may multiply com distributive properties to Malkin again x and x + technology bracket a belly is 7x or / bad miss tense a multiplier go to my boy come canada on samurai x + 10 bracket kender or you do savala g7x a.j c multiplied yoga later bhajarangi ax paris chabad + + 10 gate NJ is pouring a porous 7x + 10 c multiplied hoga salmon XA plus 7x plus 10 say multiply ogah up yatra ki ki hum nay egmont of a distributive property similarly apply curly abdul samad apagar yer yapper cayuga geology bar 7x I under only seven XML deploy Yoga Yoga Yoga 14 9 x squared or pirius 10cm x over Y okay Plus 70 x ho jaega uska baaja baaraat a 10 is 70 cement a blogger is 70 x ho jayega + gay is 1075 ganderville sau jagah 100 up up d technic up with some nickel just easy riu k yeah but you're up capacity left hand p 7 exhale is karma square toronto year 14 9 x squared over yay yeah Holly kawa or you do see term you 10 here is kyle square you give 100 years I'll car Beatrice terms and ya in da no co-op as mr. obtain a ke baad jab mein maza doses Arab do Monica in Cahill's epcot do guna doin yeah [ __ ] key door TomSka much muah hoga temescal kundo 49 x squared plus 140 x plus 100 the year but the other key key I gotta put AZ sexy square no kissy by Rimmel co square cam not oh yeah yeah like Nigeria ke pehle up your belly term linkages taking up a seven XX curve square 49 x squared aghia escape bath up in dollar terms co-op aslam multiply curcuit do guna coordinate seven xcode matanza multiplier go to 70 oh ji garage skoda but those same multiply Golgotha 140 expo jaya or Kaiba 10 k squared en EK 102cm chi-square to y ba la casa Norte is 35