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Squared error of regression line

Introduction to the idea that one can find a line that minimizes the squared distances to the points. Created by Sal Khan.

Video transcript

I will attend videos me my couch essa carnage oranges kanata egg brasada or Sasso tree farm you legitimately discussed Malkin about an hour based on statistics classes may up busca end product they can evo formulas in lake in yeah ha sido members shook around us me maricopa tomica a formula castle lake in my battalion adjutant case my boss ARA metaball sorry status bots are as me algebra had derivatives being a hot boss ARA you can take it peachy that awesome come mathematics is made in la vejez mission will head to agora potato up since Ricky re videos day except a taco palenque farm like a lake in many changuk a formula derived Kurt up on chacha app customers manage a toxic William a aapke saamne yeah per year eek hey Malcolm X or Y axis menara awk which point say or I got to give points I hope bay leaf quadrant k lava do slit each otha quadrant he was at a lake in self visualization give us a mango sapele coordinate broadly a peddler point x1y1 iska coordinates and who's Kaiba doosra point naka in yoga or ma in ke rang be most olive cartage around I see color coding disco classic Niska coordinates x-two y-two hand RP is it the refresher up our point Chanel Carter Jane Curtin Jakarta Jakarta Jakarta Hatake up egg a three-point yet end point per pot Jang gay gay Persky jamira NS point yaho sucked I or mask coordinates cook at down k x and y and two up up many i gotcha boss Sorry Sorry points name when I like in a bondage ahora que ya baladi massagem lanky Casey s square error regression ki baat karta schematic SE line banana otay Jessica fasta in saree ke sare points8 kam SE kam ho toh mezlan go banana ki koshish karta click a free hand mythology prasanna go ta ta line coach se ho sakti hair Aria approximate that resume dobaara koshish kar yay kuch is tarah ki align another IG or object clanging sm squared error minimize kearney NE k omega c lying talaash cutting hair k just got Joe Eszterhas acoustical skies light digit line head let's go home Katniss k coordinator yeah you can just cut your equation okay y is equal to MX plus G a plus B algebra but but I jeska MJS got slope at BJJ it's k y intercept any Volm Comte de ski coordinate 0 or BK bara bere y intercept gala time to abu is video me or Escobar Valley videos meh meh you see / cam karuna em or B maloom going slope or y-intercept maloom can i permit and piranha are a guess he like yo que disse make it in points a distance yoga error jo hoga woh minimize yoga to humped up arrow key back at the result lake gave up vertical distance is point cuz lines it doha miss you can get error Giada KJ error heheh Morocco is it the literacy he told fast la x2 y2 kjb iska error caliga yeah sorry sorry technical terminologies and just stats mr. ma looting it together cheesy y coordinate schedule different difference head [ __ ] whoa his cup error Cal I got to get in point sky objects a blanket adder 1 x1 y1 karegeya error one common a or jsk y value squared difference oh got a disco era yoga yoga y 1 minus AB jo Jo points line pay hoga coastline say [ __ ] yoga took a cyber the x coordinates on the khaki is same writing it to up yaha / m x 1m x 1 plus B hump the king at the years I have Y minus bracket mint m x 1 plus B UK x coordinates a momento y 1 message humble minus carrying it ghost line / coordinates [ __ ] because there is a white to cut your error hoga hoga by 2 minus M X 2 plus B up work a pattern nazar AA raha hoga a solid man naked I had to give Ike is lying key equation is per module koi BPO pointed honey but I x-coordinate same only Y coordinates me for guys is that it was a Y and your difference hoga error just concatenate voga YN minus u bracket milega m XX n noga or pet be so is that it lets say up the exact a family farm you levitra burneika com shroo ker diya a two-year sarika sorry Joe errors and gay come say come ere square errors hunie Chinese points or is line ke darmiyan danica Hammond square errors go is line k against define Tamiko se square error line say how many cats ok se or subscript man in line leader head your head yeah Scott y 1 minus y 1 minus MX 1 plus B eight-point Vanka error hoga aur is commanded to come [ __ ] square error at all you put a capital square jaga is it the rector said dulzura error voice mimic a drug or square cut lumenick a square Kirk a mess co-ed converter you by 2 minus M X 2 plus B up is coming / ecopure chi-square longer this is a recursive pittman 345 chalta chalta chalta chalta and tuck pahuch jungle you p delta delta may and the punch gear to up yeah hopper to error ago and X point level yoga y and minus M X n plus B are here pura kapoor Roger 2k squared error rate Barbara w squared error give at current ETA square omega 2 ugh just total squared error on sorry sorry points car is lying kassad though jamaica kamehameha karna hay find the M and B that minimizes that minimize the squared error squared error of this line yani queja make a sea M or BK fo values Milan Carney edge in Costa mall cart away in square error jawline cassatt in point sky becomes Sycamore new criteria liner in points it but if the in Whoville yahuh permits video cotton curtain or ugly videos may mega he say bad co a gay bar honga taki muchas Latino blam BIM Emma's louder Babu shukriya